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Research Interests and Activities

Prof. Heller  has  contributed  enormously  to  the  interdisciplinarity  of palaeomagnetism and is one of the founders of  environmental  magnetism.  He gave proof of this by numerous multidisciplinary publications  in  important journals  such  as  Nature.  The  recently  published   book   Environmental Magnetism (Evans & Heller, 2003), reflects his broad research interests.  In this book, environmental magnetism techniques are made easily accessible  to a diversified public. The  most  important  scientific  achievements  of  Prof.  Heller  are   the investigations on  loess/palaeosol  sequences  world-wide,  particularly  in China where  he  established  the  basis  for  investigations  of  the  most important  continental  palaeoclimate  archives.  During  his  24  years  of research on loess he successfully investigated loess/palaeosol  sections  in China, central Asia, eastern Europe and Argentina. Prof. Heller  contributed much to the explanation of  the  magnetic  mineralogy,  the  origin  of  the natural  remanent magnetisation  and  the  palaeoclimatic  significance  of loess/palaeosol sequences by connecting  classical  and  new  rock  magnetic techniques with non-magnetic analyses. Prof. Heller has also been active  in other  fields  of  environmental   magnetism   such   as   lake   sediments, biomagnetism and pollution studies.  Classical  palaeomagnetism  is  another research   activity   of    Prof.    Heller.    He    studied    intensively magnetostratigraphy, tectonics and rock magnetism  of  the  Permian/Triassic boundary in China, Pakistan, Russia and Italy which are  vital  regions  for establishing the geochronology  of  this  important  stage  of  the  Earth's history. Moreover, he dealt with magnetostratigraphy and  tectonics  of  the Andean Cordillera, the Swiss Alps and  Jura  mountains  and  he  contributed also to the  magnetostratigraphy  of  the  Cretaceous/Tertiary  boundary  in Italy. Under his guidance, the palaeomagnetic laboratory  at  the  ETH  Zürich  has become one of the leading palaeomagnetic laboratories in the world. In  this context, he has also been active in the development and application  of  new rock  magnetic  measurement  techniques  such  as  the  high  field   torque magnetometer and the coercivity spectrometer.

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2001            received title "Honorary Doctor of Kazan State University"


*1964 - 1979*      ** 1980 - 1990**      ***1991 -  2004***

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    Occurrence and magnetic properties of magnetosomes in lake sediments
    and implications for environmental magnetism, EGU04-A-02206, EGU 1st
    General Assembly, Nice, France, 25-30 April 2004 (oral presentation).
   Spassov, S., Hus, J., Egli, R., Heller, F. and M.E. Evans, The concept of linear
    unmixing - a key for interpreting environmental magnetic signals, GP34A-01
    AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 13-17 December  2004.

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